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the trilogy of trilogies


tyler etters illustration by gage lindsten

this fantastic illustration was created by gage lindsten to commemorate the completion of the trilogy of trilogies. we collaborated on the concept and details for a few months. it was a joy to work with him.

three trilogies. nine albums. five years. i didn't know what i was getting myself into until it was too late to stop.

when i created the geometrie of our lost cause back in the fall of 2012 i had already decided to leave connectedness locus behind and blaze some new trails. as i began work on what would become blue, the most celestial color i had the first inklings of a trilogy. adam, pasha, and arthur all helped build the world. an internal cohesion and logic emerged working this way. as the constraints revealed themselves, we would adapt, question, and learn. with the completion of senescence — and therefore the #shadow_fi trilogy — i knew we had to do it again.

to cultivate a sense of urgency and excitement, the the phantoms of our lost cause was performed live. the spartan zulu took similar hints but subtracted computers from the equation. sonic collage and vox populi informed and though the soft apocalypse may yet overtake. the phantom time trilogy was completed in 2015.

the arcadian nights trilogy is too recent for a succinct summary. i know the legacy of our lost cause was the most challenging release. i also know that dispatches from the prime meridian and reverence are opposite sides of one coin. and in many ways reverence is an inverted senescence.

my deepest thanks to adam, pasha, arthur, cory, sage, david, gage, jeff, lynda, willow, dorian, caden and everyone else who helped create the trilogy of trilogies. thank you, dear listener, for giving us a slice of your increasingly divided attention over the years. i hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating.

and now: onward to whatever is next.

much love,



released the day after the winter solstice, when the light begins her steady march to summer.

from the digital liner notes: "summer. morning. warmth and green. saturday. children meet at the end of the street to play. nature preserve. silent agreement. no games today. just be. creeks. white oaks. a crayfish somehow. power lines on the horizon. cumulus clouds and prairies forever. then one of them finds it beneath a domed castle of dark briar. the snail shell graveyard. calls to the others. huddled around the edge in silence. dozens of bone-white spirals encrusted in black mud. today they can only stare but the questions will come decades later: what force caused it to happen? was the ossuary exclusive to a single family? did some apex predator hunt each snail and return them to her voracious brood? did the snails all migrate together on their own volition? only to die in some great cataclysm? the annual prairie burn? the children know better than to take any shells. dusk. winter. the ice breaks. yelling for help. they scramble to get long branches. he is ok but his boot is claimed by the mud. summer again. they age. they don't play anymore. they hang out now. they go back the forest preserve past curfew. instead of running from imaginary monsters they run from the police. they still know all the hiding places and it is almost unfair. they keep aging. they lose touch. they sometimes remember. before it is over, each returns to the forest preserve in turn. always alone. always unknown by the others. not secret. just private. none of them can ever find it again."

dispatches from the prime meridian


released on the winter solstice, when both darkness and light hang in a wary balance.

from the digital liner notes: "winter - city - neon dusk - service economies - capitalist realism - the hinge upon which the world turns - unexpected password reset - borrowed anxiety medication - ritual scarification of the mind - ego death - a thousand faces - monomyth - megalith - emergency motorcycle repair - sargasso sea - aggregate browser histories - anonymous cookies - london bridge is falling down - traffic rerouted through eastern europe - all roads lead to rome - the empire never ended - golgothan solstice - eclipse - ellipsism - algorithm - the flash crash of 2010 - the jackpot - universal coordinated time - quick response code - boarding pass - light pollution - the people's republic of the great pacific garbage patch - skeleton music - voodoo technology - hypothetical histories - satellites - orbital sovereignty - metalaws - the singularity already happened - death is the only way out of the information age - metadata reincarnation - the second unix epoch - as above so below - as below so beyond - at dusk there is no wind"

journal project



after 5 years the journal project is complete.

the journal began in the fall of 2012 as a means to release emotional and psychic energy in controlled bursts. since then, it has grown to become something of a timline, a geological sedimentary marker for phases of inquiry. many songs birthed here ended up in the trilogies.

with the imminent conclusion of the trilogy of trilogies, it seemed prudent to close the endeavor. if you would like to hear these again do get in touch and a download link will be provided.



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