"Wherefore do ye toil; is it not that ye may live and be happy? And if ye toil only that ye may toil more, when shall happiness find you? Ye toil to live, but is not life made of beauty and song? And if ye suffer no singers among you, where shall be the fruits of your toil? Toil without song is like a weary journey without an end. Were not death more pleasing?" - H.P. Lovecraft, The Quest of Iranon

tyler etters plays #shadow_fi: a self-defined genre and rough approximation of ambient post-rock blended with drone and lo-fi. etters's uniquely 21st century practice encompasses a range of mediums including music, analog photography, artware, and video. he is a founding musician and technologist of various bands and collectives.

the 'northern information movement' project releases music in trilogies. 2013 marked the #shadow_fi trilogy. 2015: the phantom time trilogy. 2017: the arcadian nights trilogy.the project is based out of chicago and northern illinois. past, present, and future collaborators include: arthur zdrinc, adam moore, cory salveson, pasha petrosyan, sage etters, david kvistad, caden moore, dorian zdrinc, kevin clark, and gage lindsten.