tyler etters

"Wherefore do ye toil; is it not that ye may live and be happy? And if ye toil only that ye may toil more, when shall happiness find you? Ye toil to live, but is not life made of beauty and song? And if ye suffer no singers among you, where shall be the fruits of your toil? Toil without song is like a weary journey without an end. Were not death more pleasing?" - H.P. Lovecraft, The Quest of Iranon

Tyler Etters plays #shadow_fi: a self-defined genre and rough approximation of ambient post-rock blended with drone and lo-fi. Etters's uniquely 21st century practice encompasses a range of mediums including music, analog photography, artware, and video. His divergent and esoteric discography has steadily grown since 2005 and most recently been supplemented with a cycle of releases including 'the geometrie of our lost cause', 'blue, the most celestial color', 'senescence', 'the phantoms of our lost cause', 'zulu', and 'and though the soft apocalypse may yet overtake'. He is a founding musician of the collective Endless Field Studios, the solo project Connectedness Locus, and the experimental outfit Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades. When the stars find it agreeable, live performances and studio sessions include a mutable band known only as 'the northern information movement'. The usual suspects include: Arthur Zdrinc - the accomplished musician, painter, actor, and drummer of Sioum. Adam Moore - the iconoclastic musician with a penchant for guitar, the avant garde, and simpler times. Cory Salveson - the internet researcher, new media pratcitioner, and videographer. Paul Petrosyan - the Flash Flash Comfort frontman,EFS/Lunar Day/ECiC;EFiS/Bridges of Königsberg founder, visionary, mercenary, et al.

The band is based out of Chicago and northern Illinois.

glyph of the #shadow_fi cycle

glyph of the phantom time cycle

glyph of the arcadian nights cycle